Woman Who Chased Black Couple from Lake Fined $250

STARKVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The white Mississippi woman who flashed a revolver at a black couple while telling them to leave a campground has been convicted of a misdemeanor and fined $250. 70-year-old Ruby Nell Howell of Starkville was found guilty this week of “threatening exhibition of a weapon.” A video of the incident posted to social media went viral in May. Howell will also have to pay $182.50 in court fees.


10 Comments on "Woman Who Chased Black Couple from Lake Fined $250"

  1. Omg ! I can not believe that’s all she got!

  2. That’s white privilege, that’s their way of saying they did something, if the shoe was on the other foot, you’ll be doing some TIME…….

  3. And that’s all she got … The judge probably was related to her in that county… That actually was serious.. If that was me, they wouldn’t gave me a heavier charge and a bond high as a giraffe ass.. Also looking at prison time.. Ha, Only in these Southern States. Smh

  4. Didn’t she have a gun?

  5. And jussie Smollett ,so before you start with that race card bullshit just remember what he done, that woman needed her tail behind bars for sure but this white privilege dang sure as hell doesn’t apply to me

  6. She had to know somebody cause I know for sure my white ass would have been locked up tight that was assault with a deadly weapon !!!

  7. That was a hate crime!!!

  8. Now what did she that for????

  9. Should I call Chief Kenneth Hampton

  10. I would not be surprised if the judge changed his ruling as soon as the reporter walked out of the courtroom, I can in-vision a suspended fine and he picked up the court cost for her troubles.

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