Woman Kidnapped After Helping Man with Car Trouble

PANOLA COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Panola County woman reported an alleged kidnapping after pulling over to help a man she thought was having car trouble. The woman pulled over about 3:00 AM Thursday to help a man who said his truck broke down and he needed a ride home. After the man got into her vehicle he kept changing his mind on directions and told the woman to keep driving. After about six hours the women stopped at a Batesville gas station and told the clerk to call 911, saying she’d been kidnapped. When police arrived the suspect took off, crashing her vehicle near I-55 and escaping on foot. The suspect was later taken into custody and identified by the woman.



16 Comments on "Woman Kidnapped After Helping Man with Car Trouble"

  1. That is awful. Thankful she is okay and that they caught him. There are some terrible people in this world.

  2. Women …never ever pull over to help a man and your alone

  3. She was alone?? At 3:00am?? Then drove for 6 hours???

  4. That was stupid did you know this man, I’m sorry I’m not stopping for nobody at 3:00 am or 3:00pm you better call triple A or get to walking

  5. That’s why you pass by, you call the sheriff’s department and inform them of a stranded motorist… you’ve done your part

  6. Why would you stop to pick up anyone at that hour?

  7. 3am To Help A MAN With Car Trouble No Ma’am!

  8. This story is missing a lot of pieces .

  9. who going to pick someone at 3:am in the highway? i know ain’t me

  10. There are LOTS of missing pieces in this puzzle.

  11. She drove for 6 hours???!!! Wow!!! I’m glad that she was able to get away from him!

  12. Something ain’t right about this. I think we are missing a little info.

  13. She a damn lie and the truth ain’t in her.

  14. What kind of vehicle she has? Stopped at a gas station AFTER driving 6 hours?

  15. Something doesn’t sound right about this story

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