Weekend at Barry’s Means Flooding for the Delta

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Widespread flash-flooding is on tap for the Delta this weekend forecasters say as Barry makes its way through the Delta as a strong Tropical Storm. Predictions now are for between four to eight inches of rain across all but the far north parts of the Delta with areas south of Vicksburg and Jackson potentially receiving seven to twelve inches of rain with isolated amounts over 15 inches. Washington County Emergency Services says people who have been affected recently by the flash floods and everyone living in low-lying areas are encouraged to have a plan in place to relocate to safer higher ground. Also, take precautionary measures to protect your property and possessions such as raising your furniture and appliances as high as possible to prevent damage from possible flash flooding. The Washington County Convention Center is currently on standby with the Red Cross should a shelter need to be opened. Along with the flash flooding, there is a marginal risk of tornadoes and strong winds with Barry. Listen to Delta Radio. When any severe weather alerts are in effect you’ll hear a tone every few minutes with instructions to check for details at Delta Daily News dot com. Alerts are also posted to our Facebook and Twitter feeds the moment they are issued.


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