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5 Comments on "We Want to Hear from You!"

  1. Is this a red “haring”?

  2. What has happened to local broadcast? I stopped receiving channels 6.1,6.2&15.1, but started getting 12.1? MPB still comes in.

  3. What’s going on with the local stations? Why are the WXVT news anchors on WABG? Has everyone been fired? Are you going to make an official announcement about what is happening? Who’s running this place? Your news organization needs to be more professional and publicly address to the viewers what is going on. This is getting ridiculous.

    • This site is run by Delta Radio Network. We have nothing to do with WXVT or WABG. Although you are free to post comments here, questions regarding what is going on at the TV stations should be directed to them.

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