Everyone’s Opinion Counts

In the weeks to come, we’ll be weighing in on the things that matter to you and our community. Your feedback is always welcome, too! You can comment directly on any story, or email us with your thoughts on our editorials or anything that’s on your mind.

2 Comments on "Everyone’s Opinion Counts"

  1. Please clean up your act! Joke of the day has become very inappropriate. Used to be cute/funny, now just nasty. Please consider the many who view this page.

  2. my son David Landrum was killed in shelby mississippi and i contacted the shelby chief mr hamption and investogator cain of cleveland shierf deppart and kevin williams keeep giving me the run around about the investigation its such corrupt in this county my son life matters and i wont continued to be ignored the suspect was never arrested that night nor question that night no one was check for gun powerdered majority all the residence was able go into the apt where he was killed and take pictures the crime scence was availble for all who wanted to come in i have email hamptiom mc cain and mr kelvin williams hasnt return email phone calls anything now i must filed a complaint and seek legal help juctice for david

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