Vicksburg Throws More Money at Issaquena County

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — Not too long ago the Issaquena County Board of Supervisors voted to close their correctional facility, with one supervisor saying the 300-bed facility was a financial drain on the county. With a little arm-twisting by the state, and a little more cash from Vicksburg to house their prisoners, they seem to have changed their minds. Vicksburg’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen have now approved a new contract with the Issaquena County Regional Correctional Facility to house city prisoners but at a cost. The new deal calls for the city to pay $35 per inmate per day, up from the current $28 per day, a 25% increase. Vicksburg also houses prisoners at the Madison County Jail in Canton for $45 per night. The out-of-town agreements are needed because there is no room for city inmates at the Warren County Jail. A new Warren County facility being built is expected to alleviate the problem.


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