Vegans Putting Meat into Meatball Lawsuit

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s new meat labeling law is under fire. A federal lawsuit says the Magnolia State is violating free speech by banning the use of terms like “meatless meatballs” and “vegan bacon.” The lawsuit was filed by Illinois-based Upton’s Naturals and The Plant-Based Food Association. The lawsuit names Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and Andy Gipson, the state’s agriculture commissioner as defendants. Meat alternative products use terms like “bacon,” “burgers” or “chorizo” on the packaging but also usually show it’s “100 percent vegan.” Mississippi’s new law restricts the use of meat terms on plant or insect-based products. The law took effect last Monday, the same day this federal lawsuit was filed to stop it. A similar lawsuit was filed in Missouri last year. That state’s meat labeling law makes it a misdemeanor to label plant-based products as meat.


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