Thieves Target Renegade Firearms in Another Burglary

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The Renegade Firearms store on Highway 1 South in Greenville was the scene of another burglary over the weekend. Arriving Sheriff’s Deputies on Saturday night discovered glass had been broken out of the store’s front window, but the burglars were nowhere in sight. They might have gotten away with the theft if they hadn’t detoured into Greenville for a celebration of their feat as later in the evening Greenville Police responding to complaints of gunfire heard around the South Main extension approached the two happy warriors, 18-year-old Roger Chaney and 18-year-old Tyree Covington, who were covered in mud. The pair were held by police as suspects and later confessed to the burglary. They now face charges of burglary and were being held at the Washington County Correctional Facility.


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