Taylor Swift Fan’s Bomb Threat Shuts Down Greenwood Radio Station

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — An irate Taylor Swift fan apparently confused a Greenwood radio station with the Milwaukee Tools plant yesterday by emailing a bomb threat that took the station off-the-air while police again searched for explosives. The email, sent to Delta Radio CEO Larry Fuss, at 2:46 PM by user ciberserv13@hotmail.com was titled “You are all going to die” and said, “Enjoy the bomb.” The furor started with the station’s decision to hire David Mueller for the morning show at KIX-92.7. Mueller who goes by the on-air name of Jackson was fired from a Denver radio station in 2013 after Taylor Swift made accusations that he improperly touched her during a publicity event. Mueller denied the actions and was never charged or convicted of any criminal offense. In fact it was Mueller who initially sued Swift over her allegations. Swift counter sued in civil court and won a judgment of one dollar. But Mueller has been unable to find work in radio since. Fuss says he has received over 400 e-mails, hundreds of phone calls, and hundreds of Facebook posts, all protesting the hiring of Mueller all started by what he termed a “crazed Taylor Swift fan” who posted his contact information on Facebook and encouraged others to protest to the station and call advertisers. He says the vast majority of the messages were profanity-laden and downright juvenile and adds that while he doesn’t know Swift personally he believes she would not approve of her fans denying Mueller his right to work or sending death threats on her behalf. WMYQ-FM Radio is owned by Delta Radio, the parent company of Delta Daily News. UPDATE: Corrected to clarify that Mueller sued Swift in civil court, and Swift counter sued.


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  1. Avatar Marie V. Tucker | February 1, 2018 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    David Mueller has already been punished for his actions. I wish Taylor Swift’s fans would stop that nonsense. How is this guy ever going to make a living. I’m sure it hurt his family! He will think twice before he does that again. There are many other pigs IN Hollywood who have done a lot worse than this. Leave the guy alone for God’s sake.

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