String Of Robberies at Dollar General Stores Continues

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — A string of Dollar General Store robberies across Mississippi has investigators on high alert. The location in Red Banks is one of six Dollar General stores that have been robbed in the last three months. The first robbery happened March 10th in Attala County and over the next 10 days, three more stores were hit. In each robbery, three suspects entered the store just before closing armed with guns and masks covering their faces, and in each case, several shots were fired. At the Red Banks location, they allegedly became more violent, holding a gun to a female worker and firing a round into the ceiling before grabbing cash and taking off. Deputies say the same thieves struck again in two separate robberies in Benton and Panola Counties.


3 Comments on "String Of Robberies at Dollar General Stores Continues"

  1. I hope y’all catch um before they kill somebody

  2. I hope our local stores take extra precautions so no money is available right before closing. Also local police should be there before closing like they do at the liquor stores.

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