Sex in the Cemetary

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — Sex in the cemetery. That’s not the title of a new television series this season. Vicksburg police say they are looking for a man who reportedly sexually assaulted a woman in the Cedar Hill Cemetary in that city on Thursday. According to police, the victim said she was visiting a grave at the cemetery around 11:30 AM when a man walked up and began speaking with her. After a time he sexually assaulted her, she said, and took her cellphone and wallet, then fled in a silver Chevrolet Impala.


7 Comments on "Sex in the Cemetary"

  1. The title should be RAPE IN THE CEMETARY!!! don’t down play what happened to that poor lady.

  2. Rape not sex. Cemetery is spelled incorrectly. Poor journalism. Making light of a horrible and violent criminal act that was committed on this lady.

  3. That’s bad you can’t go visit your relatives and friends graves i hope police caught whoever this person is

  4. A woman was ASSAULTED, ROBBED, in *broad day light* and the best Delta Daily News could fucking do was “Sex in the Cemetary.” This is disgusting.

  5. Misleading and poor title… I was gonna pass reading cause I thought people were just fooling around in the cemetery… Turns out it was RAPE… Sex is consensual!! Also… If it was sexual assault there is actually no sex!! Either way, the title is wrong.

  6. Cemetery is misspelled.

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