Sentencing in fatal high speed joy ride

Henry “Vick” Phelps IV has been sentenced to 13 years for the DUI death of Candace Marie Page, who was celebrating her 27th birthday on the night she was killed in a high speed car accident in 2012. Her loved ones were all present for this week’s sentencing of Phelps who’ll spend five years behind bars. Page had just met Phelps in a Greenville pub. When she took an invitation to check out the young man’s Corvette a Camaro revved it’s engine as it passed the parked car with Candy in the passenger seat. Angered family members said the convicted man with a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit couldn’t let it go but rather jumped in his car and took off after the Camaro. Page died after being ejected from that vehicle, which reached speeds of 97 miles per hour before becoming airborne after it hit railroad tracks and slammed into a tree.

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