Ruleville Man Dies After Being Shot

RULEVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — A suspect is in custody after a Ruleville man was found dead from a gunshot wound Friday. Police Captain Amos Mitchner told media that the department received a call around 11:00 PM of a shooting at 412 Harrison Street in Ruleville. On arrival officers found 41-year-old Walter Clark Jr. lying at the end of the driveway. 18-year-old Teddy Robertson was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the killing. He is currently being held on $100,000 bond in the Sunflower County Jail. Police say the shooting may have stemmed from an argument between Clark and Roberston. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Ruleville Police, and the Sunflower County Sheriff’s Office are all investigating.


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  1. You killed my best friend and for what this man had people that loved him but you didn’t think of that what if it was you you should kill yourself too because the rest of your days here will be full of hell till you actually burn in hell no mercy on your soul ……

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