Rough Welcome For New Moorhead Police Chief

MOORHEAD, MS (Ben Caxton) — The new Moorhead Police Chief got a baptism by fire in his second day on the job. Literally. A Facebook argument apparently escalated into an all-out brawl at a local Double-Quick convenience store. Before it was over one man had been shot, and taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Police have arrested three people so far, and more arrests may be coming as the investigation into the incident continues.


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  1. Why was Chief Bobby Walker and his officers fired? It looks as if they were railroaded out by a consortium of administration officials, including Mayor George Holland. All because they complained about the city manager showing a video of himself having sex, showed it to four police officers. CM Percel Moore got no reprimand, while the whole police dept was locked out, then fired. Where’s the justice?

    I hope they get their day in court.

  2. My aunt Rosie Lee Howard who lives at 907 Mill St is being abused by her family members. Abuse has been going on now for several years. She is 80 years old. My cousin just tag me in a photos she shared on facebook of swollen bruised eye and mouth. I called the Sunflower County Sheriff Dept. I spoke to someone who said he was Chief Randall, he called me back and said that he went there and saw no bruises but my other aunt who was on speaker phone with her son said that bruises were on her. We are trying to have an investigation done. Police have been called to her home numerous of times in the past and we also contacted Department of Social Services because of ongoing abuse, her money and vehicles stolen and to this day we still haven’t gotten any answers. Her son said her daughter Framces hit her on Monday Sept16,2019 and bought witch hazel and coco butter to get rid of the bruises . Seeking someone who will look into this and keep her safe.

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