Pay Raise for Politicians Working Its Way Through Legislature

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — A proposed pay raise for many elected county officials in Mississippi is advancing in the state legislature. On Wednesday the House passed Senate Bill 2827 by a 93-to-14 margin; the Senate and House must resolve differences before the measure goes to the governor. Pay for county supervisors would increase by $10,000 a year, with supervisors making from $39,000 to $56,700 after the raise depending on the value of property in a county. Circuit and chancery clerks would be paid up to $99,000 in fees generated by their office, up from the current $90,000. Tax assessors, tax collectors, and coroners would also get raises, financed by increased fees for filing government documents and court cases.


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  1. And only one thousand for teachers. Typical Mississippi!

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