Pastor Shot in Head After Having Prayer With Cruz

(Coeur d’’Alene, ID) — After delivering a heartfelt invocation at a campaign rally for Ted Cruz in Coeur d’’Alene, Idaho Saturday, Pastor Tim Remington was gunned down in the parking lot of his church the next day, and police think there may be a connection. Early Monday morning, authorities identified the shooting suspect as 30-year-old Kyle Andrew Odom, a former marine. Odom attended the service at Remington’’s church Sunday. After Remington preached his sermon and was walking to his car, Odom walked up behind him and began shooting at him. The pastor was shot in the lung, head, hip and shoulder. Odom drove off in a 2004 silver Honda Accord and is still at large. Remington is recovering from a bullet to his skull, a busted hip and a fractured shoulder but he is said to still be alive and serving God.

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