New Governor Tate Reeves Signs First Bill into Law

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — On Thursday Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed his first bill into law, a measure to ensure teachers receive the full pay raise they were promised this school year. The $1500 raise was approved during the 2019 legislative session but officials later discovered a bureaucratic error. Too few teachers were counted in the total cost of the raise and too little money was included in the original budget for the year that started July 1. House Bill 1 earmarks more than $18.4 million to cover the rest of the cost of the raise during the current budget year. Legislative leaders say no teachers have lost money because of the original error, and the state has been collecting more money than anticipated during the current budget year. Legislators may consider another pay raise for teachers this year; Mississippi has some of the lowest teacher salaries in the United States.



2 Comments on "New Governor Tate Reeves Signs First Bill into Law"

  1. That’s a republican for you…keeping promises!

  2. There is far too much nepotism within the public school system. Many families have multiple members working within the same system and it’s believed to be a scheme being perpetrated on the system. This should be stopped and those individuals removed. I agree with legislators in that good loyal and well trained teachers should receive a cola raise as well as a merit raise but not for those trying to rig the system nor those who would ignore history in favor of pushing their own agenda. Ancillary workers such a custodial, secretarial and other non- educator positions should not necessarily receive those proposed raises.

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