New Fences, Razor Wire Coming To County Lockup

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Eight months after Washington County Sheriff Milton Gaston first suggested installing additional razor wire at the Washingon County Regional Correctional Center in response to citizen and government concerns over multiple escapes, he’s finally getting his wish. County supervisors this week have approved a request to fund new fencing and razor wire. The new fencing will separate the facility’s “A” and “B” pods and cut the center’s recreation area in half in the process. In May of last year, the Mississippi Department of Corrections confiscated large amounts of illegal contraband at the prison. Then in June after the escape of two inmates, Washington County Sheriff Milton Gaston was questioned by local citizens and government bodies as to the cause and fixes for the escapes. At the time he announced an investigation, the firing or suspension of eight correctional officers, and suggested the installation of additional razor wire on fences and stricter hiring requirements were possibilities. Yet still, in October, one of the same June escapees was able to fool guards and escape for a second time. The latest inmate to go missing was 29-year-old Lorenzo Deshay Dye who was being held on charges of carjacking, armed robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping when he was found missing over the New Years Holiday Weekend. The Sheriff’s Department blamed that escape on inmates using the prisons air-ducts as their pathway to freedom.


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