Mississippi River Flood Crest Passing Greenville

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — As the Mississippi River flood crest passes Greenville, areas downstream are preparing for a bit more rising water. The flood gates at the Steele Bayou project were closed yesterday morning around 11:00 AM by the Army Corp of Engineers in an attempt to keep the river from further inundating the Yazoo backwater areas. On Thursday afternoon the backwater is at 95.8 feet and the Mississippi River in Vicksburg is at 48.1 feet. Last year’s flooding saw levels at Eagle lake peak at 96.4 feet. With heavy rains forecast upstream next week Corps officials are hoping the levels max-out t 96 feet or less this year. In Greenville, the river rose to 51.41 feet on Thursday and should top out around 51.7 feet and remain at that level through Monday before dropping.



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  1. Look at the forecast it’s coming right back a little higher in few weeks. It’s like putting a ribbon on a pile of turds

  2. Makes it sound good to politicians and beauracrats.

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