Mississippi Prison Funding May Be Cut Despite Riots and Deaths

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Funding cuts, not increases, for state prisons, could be coming as the state rejected a plan to improve the safety of Unit 29 at Parchman where an inmate died. 36-year old Denorris Howell had been convicted of manslaughter in Marshall County. He sustained a neck injury and died after getting into a fight with another inmate. The state department of corrections planned to spend $22 million this year to repair the roof, re-enforce walls and doorways in all cells and replace doors and locks at Unit 29 but the Joint Legislative Budget Committee wants to cut Parchman’s budget by $2.6 million.


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  1. Put the prisoners back to work like they use to. They worked at the prison in the gardens growing their own food. I am sure it was better food than they get now. They had animals to take care of and butcher for their meat.
    They learned how to take care of themselves and eat right.
    Now all they do is sit around and play cards and fight.
    They go back to prison over and over again because they don’t have to work. They get 3 meals a day and a bed to sleep in.
    If they had to work everyday, maybe they would be to tired to fight. They may even have a little pride in themselves. One thing they could learn is to pull their pants up since they don’t seems to have any home training. Everyone knows this comes from the prisons for easy access.
    The young kids think it is a fad. They are just getting ready to go to prison. This is sad.
    Patch man use to be a prison they made a profit and didn’t cost the state much to run. Open your eyes Jackson MS.
    Put the prisoners back to work. We have to work to pay for them to be there so let them work to feed themselves.

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