Mississippi Getting a New Stretch Of 4-Lane Highway

ITAWAMBA COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — The federal government is giving Mississippi $52.4 million to build a four-lane highway in Itawamba County. The extension of Mississippi 76 will connect with Mississippi 25 north of Fulton, completing a four-lane corridor between Batesville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The road will carry freight between the Blue Springs Toyota plant and a Mazda-Toyota plant being built in Huntsville, Alabama. Federal and state officials say the money will be matched by $43.6 million in state and other federal funds and the state department of transportation will seek bids for the 8.3-mile four-lane highway next spring, which will replace a 13-mile stretch of two-lane road.



2 Comments on "Mississippi Getting a New Stretch Of 4-Lane Highway"

  1. Another blacktop contractor work relief project. It is not like Mississippi wants to go anywhere. It would make more sense to just four lane the outbound lanes.

  2. Pointless the road to nowhere

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