Mississippi AG Writes $34M Check To State Treasury

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood delivered a two-page letter and a $34M check to the State of Mississippi yesterday. The money, received from legal settlements paid to the Attorney General’s trust fund came with recommendations on how to spend some of it. Hood asked that the legislature look into funding programs aimed at drug and alcohol rehabilitation which have been shuttered due to state budget cuts. He cited pleas by several Mississippians whose family members are suffering due to a lack of locations where people in need of treatment can be committed for rehabilitation. Hood quoted one attorney as saying that local treatment centers don’t work because those sent there for help can just walk away. He also asked $5.3M be sent to support Department of Mental Health programs. Mississippi Code 7-5-63 actually obligates the AG to make recommendations to the legislature for the improvement of public services as part of his position. Delta Daily News received copies of the letter and checks yesterday afternoon from the Attorney General’s office. If you want to see what a $34M check looks like visit deltadailnews.com where we’ve posted copies of the letter, and the payments.


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