Military Using Explosives To Cleanup Plane Crash Site

ITTA BENA, MS (Ben Caxton) — If you heard another big explosion in Itta Bena yesterday, don’t look to the skies. Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks explained yesterday that military personnel were using controlled explosions in an attempt to detonate explosives and ammunition buried in the rubble of the crash site between Itta Bena and Moorhead where a KC-130T transport plane went down on Monday. The detonation had been scheduled for 3:00 PM. The Sheriff warned that the controlled explosions would make a big noise and might startle nearby residents but was being conducted to ensure safety at the site. He told reporters that there are explosives buried in some of that burned debris that responders can’t get to, so the military is hoping yesterday’s detonations took care of the problem. Meanwhile, a memorial service for the 16 fallen service members will take place in North Carolina today at 11:00 AM. The victim’s names will be read aloud at this service as their lives are honored.


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