Manhole Victim’s Death Ruled Accidental

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Greenville Police say that the death of a man found in a flooded manhole in Greenville two weeks ago was accidental. The body of 60-year-old Roy Cage was discovered by authorities after a call to 9-1-1 on the morning of January 2nd. An investigation revealed that Cage had been seen leaving a local night club alone prior to the incident which was confirmed by video captured by cameras in the area. An autopsy did not reveal any signs of trauma or injuries but did indicate that Cage had heart problems consistent with a heart attack.



4 Comments on "Manhole Victim’s Death Ruled Accidental"

  1. Was there no lid on the manhole? I doubt he fell in after he died. Sounds like the fault of the City of Greenville.

  2. A lot of improbables would have to account for a man who had a fatal heart attack, ending up in a manhole. A whole lot of people who have “heart problems consistent with a heart attack” don’t usually end up dead in a manhole. Was a thorough forensic autopsy performed? Did he just fall in, and was the manhole cover even on? Who called 9-1-1, what time was the call, and how was he spotted?

    I didn’t know Mr Cage – perhaps he was just the unluckiest man (I almost said ‘alive’) to have a heart attack, AND end up in a manhole on the same night. Or were there other f-actors contributing to his death?

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