Loose Ass Costs Mississippi Woman $2 Million

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Mississippi woman whose loose donkey caused a fatal car crash has been ordered to pay more than $2 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. K.K. Henderson Kent was sued by Sandra Santos, whose 19-year-old son Jose Escudero died last year in the crash involving Kent’s donkey. Escudero was driving on an unlit road when he collided with the animal, veered off the road and hit a tree. He was found dead in the car. The lawsuit said Kent knew her livestock enclosure had missing and broken pieces. The lawsuit says several motorists had complained about livestock on the road but she ignored warnings from authorities.



10 Comments on "Loose Ass Costs Mississippi Woman $2 Million"

  1. You mean Hillary Clinton

  2. This headline is something….
    A woman donkey was loose and caused a fatal car wreck…

  3. While most may ask “Who wrote this?”, I ask Who is the editor? Clearly this person doesn’t give a crap about their company, writer, or readers.

  4. So, yet again this ridiculous excuse of a news organization ridicules a tragic situation. They have no care or concern for the people involved. A lack of respect for those you are supposed to serve shows that you have no business involving yourself in media.

  5. This headline tho Kylie Tackett

  6. Seriously the headline is not appropriate. What if it were your child?

  7. Laura Fendley McDonald. Chris McDonald. Amanda Frazier.

  8. Who’s behind these articles…?

  9. Awesome headline for the family and friends that this has affected (sarcasm). I think the people writing this stuff should make use of their own loose ass(es) and place their heads there to save space for all us regular people.

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