Lawmakers Fixing Faulty Math to Get Teacher’s Paid

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi lawmakers are working on funding the final portion of a pay raise that teachers started receiving this school year. A $1500 raise was approved during last year’s legislative session but officials later discovered that because of the way some school districts keep records about certain categories of teachers, too few teachers were counted in the total cost of the raise. On Wednesday the House Appropriations Committee approved spending more than $18.4 million to cover the shortfall for the current state budget year which ends June 30. No teachers have lost money because of the error and the full House will consider the proposal later before sending the plan to the Senate. Another teacher pay raise is possible this year as Mississippi has some of the lowest teacher salaries in the nation.


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  1. When Tater was Lt Gov, another pay raise would not have happened. With Hosemann in that job, maybe. They’d best get all caught up with the first raise, before they float another bill in that direction.

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