Judge Tosses Murder Charges in Greenville Home Invasion

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Greenville judge has denied a police murder charge in the case of a Monday morning home invasion that left the intruder dead. Greenville Police say that at around 5:00 AM Monday morning 48-year-old Randy Anderson of Inverness fired a gunshot through the bedroom window of a home in the 300 block of Ohio Street. Inside were his ex-girlfriend, who had ended a relationship with him several months ago, their child, and her new boyfriend. The three fled to hide in a bathroom as Anderson kicked in the front door and began firing at the closet hitting the man inside, who returned fire, killing Anderson. The injured man was taken to DRMC and then flown to another hospital where at last report he was in stable condition. According to police Anderson had gone so far as to remove the light meter outside the home to cut electricity before the shooting began. When police arrived they found Anderson dead and charged the victim with murder. Judge Michael Prewitt tossed the charge though saying that the incident appears to be self-defense. Police say the case though may still be sent to a grand jury at a later date.


8 Comments on "Judge Tosses Murder Charges in Greenville Home Invasion"

  1. No way the shooting victim should be charged that dude went looking to kill one or all in that house.

  2. The judge made the right decision

  3. Are the police smoking some serious drugs here?

    If the article is factual, there is NO WAY anyone should be charged with murder on this case.

  4. It clearly stated that the judge toss the charges. Meaning that the judge ruled it out as self defense

  5. Open and shut self defense

  6. Man they out they fucking mind. How do u charge the VICTIM with murder after the guy died was the aggressor an etc..this is why a lot of people don’t respect the law I’m trying times smh

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