Judge Affirms $1.3M Restitution In Bribery Case

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Rejecting arguments that the amount is too high, a federal judge ruled this week that a physician who bribed Mississippi’s former prisons chief must forfeit nearly $1.3 million. U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan III says that’s a fair amount for Dr. Carl Reddix to turn over after he paid $187,500 in bribes to former Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps to secure contracts to provide health care for inmates. Reddix agreed to forfeit some money in his May guilty plea but argued the amount set by probation officers was so high that it violated his constitutional right to be free from excessive fines. Health Assurance LLC, half-owned by Reddix, received $2.5 million in net benefit from the state department of corrections. Epps acknowledged accepting more than $1.4 million in bribes from private contractors and is serving a nearly 20-year prison sentence. Eight other people including Reddix have been convicted so far.


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