Itta Bena Man Charged with 2 Counts Of Capital Murder

ITTA BENA, (WI) Ben Caxton) — 24-year-old Stephen Williams of 224 Lincoln Street in Itta Bena is in jail today, charged with two counts of capital murder in last month’s deaths of 49-year-old Jacquelin Taylor and 58-year-old Freddie Mask who were found shot in their trailer at the end of Miller Road near U.S. 82 in Itta Bena. Authorities now say the double homicide was part of a drug deal gone wrong. According to the Leflore County Sheriff sheriff, Taylor and Mask were selling drugs out of the trailer where they lived. Williams went inside with the intention of purchasing drugs but instead robbed Taylor and Mask of their drugs and money and shot them both with a pistol.


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