Greenville Sewage Spill Causes River Advisory

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — What are being called “operational issues” at the City of Greenville’s wastewater treatment plant have resulted in the discharge of minimally treated wastewater into the Mississippi River. As a result, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality on Friday issued a water contact advisory for a section of the Mississippi River beginning at the plant, just southwest of Warffiled point Park to a point one mile downstream near Warfield Point Dike at Mississippi River Mile Marker 536. MDEQ is recommending that people, and their dogs and other pets, avoid water contact such as swimming, wading, and fishing. People should also avoid eating fish or aquatic food sources taken from these waters until further notice. MDEQ says they are working with the city and the Environmental Protection Agency to address the cause of the spill.


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  1. Greenville is a shithole.

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