Greenville Nursing Home on Federal "Problem" List

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Six Mississippi nursing homes are part of a list of about 400 problematic care centers across the country. All of the problematic centers qualify for a federal program called Special Focus Facility, which provides increased scrutiny of homes that “persistently” underperform although a lack of funding means increased scrutiny can only be applied to a fraction of problematic facilities. One Mississippi nursing home is accused of repeatedly failing to correctly administer medication. Another is accused of lacking proper plans for resident care. Other allegations include verbal abuse and lack of hygiene care. Mississippi Care Center of Greenville and Walter Crook Nursing Facility in Ruleville were two of the six Mississippi facilities on the federal list.


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  1. It’s a lotta more nursing homes should be investigated as well

  2. My grandfather is in one of the facilities and he complains all the time at how he is treated and there isn’t much we can do but keep telling the people there but in this day and time people don’t care anymore about others and it’s really sad because I was taught to respect everyone and to always lend a helping hand to whoever needed help no matter who they were

  3. It has been this way for many years. Finally something my be done.

  4. The sad part is when the patient make a complaint about the nurse or aide to the Director of the home, the person goes back to that patient and lets them know that they complained and tells them it will get worse. So, patients keep their mouth shut and take the abuse. A lot of these places are also understaffed.

  5. Amanda Morgan Houck

  6. What other four nursing home are involved?

  7. Michelle Green Shunta Neverstoping Griffin

  8. Avatar Freddie Beck | June 12, 2019 at 8:57 am | Reply

    The one across from DRMC, unless improvement has occurred in the last 3 yrs., is the worst for patient care and cleanliness. My Daughter and I visited a patient there and was shocked at the horrible condition she was in. We both cried it was so bad, had she been a relative, first of all she wouldn’t have been there, but if she would have been, I would have raised the roof off the place at the first sign of abuse, and I would have been in jail at the sign of retaliation because of them being reported. Don’t stick your people in these places and forget them, VISIT AND INSPECT!!!!!

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