Greenville Moving Forward with Sales Tax

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Hoping that more than $1.4 million dollars could be raised for the city the Greenville Council’s proposed “tourism” tax has morphed into an across the board 1% city sales tax. That new money could be used to make repairs directly or help pay any interest on loans the city takes out to make needed repairs. Greenville is expecting a one-time payment of just over $900,000 from the state soon for infrastructure projects but says that will not be enough to even put a dent in the backlog of critical project repairs the city faces. Any sales tax increase would first have to be approved and voted into law by the state legislature, with voters having the final say in a referndum that would require 60% approval.


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  1. Nope. On the matter of increasing taxes to bail out the government: It is never a good idea. And just what is a “tourism” tax? What tourism? Tourism here- in Greenville?

    You know what would work? Better job growth, incentivizing people to work. How has the Golden Triangle attracted companies to invest in their counties? Greenville used to be a vibrant, thriving little town. When did that vibrancy begin to ebb away? And why did the “Port City of the Delta” become the Poor City of the Delta?

    Mayor Simmons seem like a nice man, a competent, maybe more than competent, and is dedicated to fixing a broken sewer system, etc. and certainly Greenville’s problems can’t be laid at his feet. But what we need right now is tough, imaginative negotiators to bring in new business, manufacturing businesses. Increase the tax base -then we won’t need a 1% city sales tax.

    Greenville’s problems, and I don’t need to list them here, are largely due to entropy. To infuse order will take a concerted pull of our community. Otherwise, chaos wins.

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