Greenville Latest to Try Becoming Surveillance State

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The City of Greenville is joining others across the Delta in adding an always-on police eye-in-the-sky to monitor citizens. The city council this week approved a trial with a single Sky Cop Camera. Mayor Errick Simmons will be meeting with Chief of Police Delando Wilson to choose the trial location for the camera, which will be mounted high on a utility pole and provide real-time images to police department headquarters 24 hours a day. Sky Cop camera systems have been installed over the last year in cities across the Delta, from Helena-West Helena in Arkansas, to Clarksdale, and Greenwood.



9 Comments on "Greenville Latest to Try Becoming Surveillance State"

  1. That’s GREAT!! I wish they would all follow suit soon.

  2. Avatar Sharon Neff | May 25, 2019 at 9:14 am | Reply

    I love the cameras at Walmart. They make me feel safer. We certainly need a few around other places in Greenville.

  3. And I thought traffic cams were an invasion! This takes the cake! False equivalence of safety! SMH!

  4. They need it it’s not safe there

  5. Dude we’ve had those here for two years almost, only as good as the people monitoring them.

  6. There’s a word for this… lazy.

  7. How can a city become a surveillance state? What level idiot writes for this page?

  8. Hang it outside of city hall. That’s where the biggest crooks hang out!

  9. Can ANY~ONE here say anything Positive!!!??? Geez!!

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