February 3: The Week In Review

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another week of news is now history across the Mississippi Delta. If you weren’t listening to Delta Radio every day, here’s what you might have missed. Four men were arrested this week in connection with Greenville’s first homicide of 2018. In Vicksburg a tugboat fire blocked the Mississippi River for a time, contaminated soil is still blocking repairs to a popular park, and all of the roadblocks have been removed for both a new city sports complex and downtown international museum pavilion. Greenwood police spent an afternoon looking for explosives after a bomb threat again, this time a local radio station. Mound Bayou residents protested the school boards proposed closing of the local high school while some Greenville parents were upset at a school board decision to ban corporal punishment this year. In Arkansas, a special needs bus accident injured six, while one man was killed in a train-truck collision. Three Louisiana hunters, including a child, drowned in a Mississippi hunting accident. And newspapers in Greenville and Greenwood are saying goodbye to Monday editions. All this and much more this week from Delta Radio, and www.deltadailynews.com.



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