Fake Policeman Arrested with Own Handcuffs

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — In a bizarre story out of Carrol County Thursday, a Grenada man impersonating a Vaiden police officer was arrested by a real Sheriff’s Deputy, using the fake cop’s own handcuffs after he called 9-1-1 – on himself. 27-year-old Dustin Ward called the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center to advise them that he was a Vaiden police officer responding to a shooting in Vaiden and would be driving through the county at a “high rate of speed”. When Montgomery County officials checked with Carrol County they found that there was no officer Dustin Ward, and no shooting in Vaiden. Fortunately Ward had helpfully provided a description of his own car when he called 9-1-1 making it easy for the real deputies to locate him at the parking lot of a local truck stop. Ward was found wearing a black shirt and black cap with the word “Police” printed across the front. He also had on a police utility belt outfitted with a handgun, handcuffs, pepper spray and a baton. The deputy took Ward into custody using Ward’s own handcuffs. He was being held on $500 bond as of Friday.


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  1. $500? If he would have pulled my daughter over I would gladly pay that bond.

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