F-rated Charter School in Danger Of Losing License

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s first two charter schools begin their fifth year this fall and contracts for Reimagine Prep and Midtown Public Charter School, which both serve students in grades 5-8 in Jackson, will expire next spring. Last week the state’s charter school board voted to seek public comment on rules about renewing or closing schools. Midtown is in peril having been rated F for two years; grades for the school year that ended in May will be released this fall and state law doesn’t allow the board to renew the charter of an F-rated school. Reimagine rated C last year and if the school maintains or improves on that rating it likely will be renewed. The state’s performance frameworks say a D-rated school can be renewed but only for up to three years, instead of the maximum of five – but the board could also reject a renewal if members find academic progress has been poor.



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