Espy Received $3/4 Million from African Dictator

MEMPHIS, TN (Ben Caxton) — Democrat Mike Espy is getting help from Tennessee in his bid to defeat Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith in a runoff election for the US Senate. Democrats in Shelby County are manning phone banks and mailing postcards in support of Espy. The revelation has spurred Shelby County Republicans to consider an effort to support Hyde-Smith. Meanwhile, news reports surfaced Thursday that Espy continued to take payments from an African despot now on trial in international court for crimes against humanity after saying he had halted his lobbying contract. State Department documents show Espy was paid for his full $750,000 lobbying contract and terminated the agreement just two weeks before it was set to expire. Hyde-Smith asked in a press release “Have you ever been paid $750,000 by a foreign dictator who is currently on trial for crimes against humanity? Mike Espy has.” The two candidates have agreed to debate on November 20th.


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