Espy Pay the Perps Status: 9 More Weekend Burglaries

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Clarksdale police received reports of eight auto burglaries and a commercial break in between Friday and Sunday. Over half of the auto break-ins were in the 2000 blocks of Sunflower Avenue, Cardinal Lane and Center Street with change, wallets, purses, shoes, a backpack, gym bag, sunglasses, headphones and a handgun among the items reported stolen from vehicles. A riding mower was also taken from St. Elizabeth School on Florence Avenue.



2 Comments on "Espy Pay the Perps Status: 9 More Weekend Burglaries"

  1. They’re making early withdrawals from their Espy Account.

  2. This is the most stupidest idea that I’ve ever heard of. All he did by doing that is create more problems plus the police force aren’t doing their jobs either

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