Drugmakers Want Arkansas Opioid Lawsuit Tossed

LITTLE ROCK, AR (Ben Caxton) — Like many states, Arkansas thinks drugmakers who used deceptive marketing field a spike in opioid abuse and deaths that has become a national crisis and filed suit against them in court. The case filed last year by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge claims the companies broke laws against deceptive trade practices and the filing of false Medicaid claims. The companies who created the drugs do not agree. On Monday, Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and Endo Pharmaceuticals responded asking that the lawsuit be dismissed.


1 Comment on "Drugmakers Want Arkansas Opioid Lawsuit Tossed"

  1. what a surprise! Drug makers want case dismissed. How dare anyone challenge their right to aggressively market their death-drugs? It matters little whether this court agrees or not. The Attorneys General of numerous states whose citizens have needlessly died, will see this through to the end. Money, money, money-grubbing weasels have to pay the price. There should be a death penalty for these kind of heartless criminals.

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