Disoriented Eudora Man Rescued from Tent

WARREN COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Eudora man was rescued after apparently spending five months alone in a tent on an island in the Mississippi River near Le Tourneau. Authorities say they received a 9-1-1 medical emergency call early Friday morning from a disconnected cell phone. He could only tell dispatchers that he was in a tent, on the river, and that when he woke up he could not see. He drifted in and out of consciousness during a 3-1/2 hour call with dispatchers and could not remember any other details. The call was traced to a cell phone tower in Madison Parish, Lousiana. Police using a patrol boat eventually found the man’s tent in a slough not visible from the main river around 9:00 AM. Medics had to be dropped from a helicopter to help. Searching the site deputies for clues to the man’s identity, eventually discovered a pet’s rabies tag from a Lake Village Veterinary clinic. The vet was able to identify the owner as 59-year-old Ricky Harrison who family members say had set off downriver from Lake Village in May and had not been heard from since the first day of his trip. Harrison was flown by AirCare air ambulance to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in unknown condition for treatment.


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  1. If I had not heard from my brother in that long, I woikd have contacted the authorities

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