Convenience Store Customers Don’t Pass Smell Test

Greenwood, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Greenwood convenience store says workers at a neighboring soybean mill can’t enter because they stink. The sign was posted several months ago after customers complained about the odor of employees from the Express Grain oil mill across the street. However, Express Grain workers who labor in the pits filled with stinking rotten soybeans send less-smelly coworkers inside to buy snacks.


4 Comments on "Convenience Store Customers Don’t Pass Smell Test"

  1. The camel jockey that owns the store prolly smells like swampass and feet.

  2. That sigh they have up that store really offends me because My daddy worked at that Oil Mill for most of his adult life until the day he died at the age of 45 at that Oil Mill That place is not a weak mans job but it’s a honest living for a family man For them people to put a sigh up because they don’t like the way a honest working man smells is wrong This is Discrimination at its finest. I just wonder why after all these years that they put up a sigh now My daddy died at the Oil Mill with a massive heart attack 37 years ago I wonder why that store says nothing about the the folks with drug addiction coming in That store has no problem selling tobacco and beer to under age kids I have reported that and still waiting on something to be done about it The whole matter is very upsetting to me. They need to take down that sigh I wish those workers would sue them for decrimination

  3. They should smell family dollar on 82

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