Controversial Ole Miss Chancellor Set for $800,000 Payday

OXFORD, MS (Ben Caxton) — Campus groups continue to express frustration over how trustees chose Glenn Boyce as the new chancellor of the University of Mississippi. On Friday the university’s private foundation voted Friday to pay Boyce a $500,000-a-year salary supplement, less than 24 hours after the school’s Faculty Senate voted “no confidence” in College Board trustees and in the board’s selection process, but not in Boyce himself. Trustees voted to pay Boyce $800,000 a year no matter what the foundation agreed to give when they hired him this month, matching the salary of previous Ole Miss President Mark Keenum. As the state’s higher education commissioner, Boyce made $87,000.


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  1. Wow! Not only are you figures inaccurate, Mark Kennum is Chancellor at MSU, not Ole Miss. You were so anxious to get to the Emmitt Till story, you royally screwed up the Ole Miss one.

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