Columbus Replica Ships Reach Mississippi Harbor

BILOXI, MS (Ben Caxton) — Replicas of the Niña and Pinta are harbored on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and open for public tours. Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic on the original Niña in 1492 and the replica, which was built entirely by hand and finished in 1991, is a floating museum and considered to be the most historically accurate Columbus ship replica ever built. The Pinta replica was built in Brazil and launched in 2005 to accompany the Niña. The ships will leave Biloxi March 2nd and sail to Gulf Shores, Alabama before making four more stops in Florida.



4 Comments on "Columbus Replica Ships Reach Mississippi Harbor"

  1. Come to finish what they started huh

  2. That’s nice if you love murderers

  3. There was slave workers on the ship too! It wasn’t just for travel…black men manned that ship

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