A Civil Rights Icon makes a visit to the Delta

A Civil Rights icon credited with helping to integrate the University of Mississippi in 1962 is making a visit to the Delta today. James Meredith is the guest speaker at a noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Greenville. He will talk about his experiences as the first African-American to…

Leland’s Mayor takes action against the Police Chief

Leland Mayor James Lowe has suspended interim police chief Scott Tarpley for attending a homeland security training conference at a time when Lowe thought he should be concentrating on reports of shots fired in Leland. Lowe also called for the Board of Aldermen to step up action on the hiring…

Greenville Schools put the focus on safety

Greenville Schools put the focus on safety. Today marks one month since the horrific school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. As Scott Garrett reports, school officials here in the Delta are doing what they can to try to prevent a similar tragedy. School resource officers and law enforcement personnel took part…

Unlawful dumping hinders drainage

Officials say drainage following several days of rain and ice is being hindered by trash from illegal dumping. They say Horseshoe Bayou Road has been a particular target for illegal dumping, and they are planning a renewed effort to crack down on dumpers.

Greenville Police say anti-crime efforts making progess

Greenville Police say new crime statistics from 2012 show that anti-crime efforts made serious progress last year, with decreases in homicide, aggravated assault and armed robberies. Police credited citizen involvement in reporting suspicious activity in helping them to reduce the crime rate.

Wintery weather makes a visit to the Delta

Crews are still cleaning up from several days of rain followed by ice that caused a mess on some roads in Bolivar, Sunflower and Washington Counties. The ice storm warning has expired, but officials are still urging caution on the roads until they dry out.