Breaking: Shootout at Cleveland Apartment Complex

Breaking: Police are on the scene of a shooting in Cleveland. At least one person has been injured and transported to a hospital for treatment.

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — At least one person has been injured in a shootout this evening at a Cleveland apartment complex. Bolivar County Sheriff’s Deputies and Cleveland Police are on the scene. The injured has been transported to Bolivar Medical Center. Stay with Delta Radio for more details as we receive them.


The Bolivar County  Sheriff’s Department are still at this hour investigating a shoot out at Sunset Village apartment where authorities are reporting at least twenty to thirty rounds were fired. One person has been seriously injured and is being airlifted to UMC in Jackson. Police are not releasing the name of the victim at this time.  Delta radio News reports that authorities are still on the scene.





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5 Comments on "Breaking: Shootout at Cleveland Apartment Complex"

  1. As a journalist allow me to help you with a few mistakes.

    The Bolivar County Sheriff’s Department is….

    20 to 30 rounds.. (numbers 10 and over use numberical abbreviations)

    UMC, no UMMC in Jackson University of Mississippi Medical Center.

    • Kaylah, if you want to step all the way out there and correct someone, please tell me where I can find “numberical” in the dictionary?

      Shouldn’t there be a comma after “as a journalist”? Without the comma, your sentence is a run on.

      Someone should have proofread your response too. Humble yourself sweetie. You can point out the first year journalism students a mile away. Sheesh! Just read the article like everybody else and move along.

      I send my prayers to all of those affected by this tragic event.

      • Thank you Justin…thank you so much!!! The article was about one thing then totally flipped into something else that was by the way INCORRECT!!!! How in the retardation can one check or correct another when he/she themselves need correcting!!!! Oh and Justin remember you are always “numberical 1”

  2. Wow… That’s a new one for me…numberical Lol

  3. See it’s the reach that gets you every time.Stop reaching

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