Bond Denied for Accused Former Oxford Officer

OXFORD, MS (Ben Caxton) — After a change in the judge hearing the case the now former Oxford police officer accused of killing his girlfriend. 38-year-old Mathew Kinne is charged with murder, accused of shooting 32-year-old Dominique Clayton in the back of the head and leaving her in her bed to be found by her 8-year-old son. Clayton was the mother of four young children. Outrage erupted earlier in the week when prosecutors told the judge hearing the case that a “reasonable” bail amount could be worked to free Kinne while he awaited trial. Clayton’s mother said Wednesday “There is no justice for black people.” Kinne is white, Clayton is black. The Oxford police chief said no bail amount was high enough for Kinne and that he should remain in jail. The resulting furor caused the judge in the case to quickly step aside. Kinne remains in jail.



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  1. Good. He needs to stay right there in jail!

  2. How great and awesome

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