Another Greenwood Student Stopped with Gun

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — For the second time in less than two weeks a student has been arrested for bringing a gun onto school property in Greenwood. The weapon had been brought to a Friday night football game at Bulldog stadium where Greenwood High was playing a game against Cleveland Central. Police in Greenwood say they believe the student took the firearm to the game with the intention of using it, but at this point could not say exactly how, or what his plans might have been. They did not identify the student, or say what school he attended. Sheriff Ricky Banks said the firearm was a “pistol-type weapon with an extended magazine” that could hold about 15 to 20 rounds. The student is being held at the Leflore County Juvenile Detention Center.



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  1. Glad they were able to stop it from happening again and again

  2. Walter McDavid Jr.
    Melvin Donell Brown
    Eric Lakes
    Donnie Walker
    Marcus Turner

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