Alligator Bites off Piece Of Patrol Car in Louisiana

MOORINGSPORT, LA (Ben Caxton) — Sheriff’s deputies in Louisiana say an alligator took a bite out of one of their patrol cars. WBRZ-TV reports deputies were called Monday to Louisiana Highway 1 in Caddo Parish after someone spotted the gator in the middle of the road. The sheriff’s office says deputies were waiting for wildlife removal experts to arrive when the alligator chomped off a piece of the front bumper. Deputies estimate the alligator was 8 feet long. A photo from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shows the reptile in grass next to what appears to be the black rectangular grill of the car. Authorities say the gator escaped before the wildlife removal experts arrived.


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  1. Oh, this sounds like a repeat of an incident years ago on Yazoo Wildlife Refuge! A 10ft. gator was laying across the main road; when Tim tried to nudge the gator to get it to move, the gator whirled around and attacked the SUV.

  2. Think it’s mating season

  3. Took a Bite out of crime!

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