All but One Mississippi Covid Death from Long Term Care Facilities

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — The latest figures from the state of Mississippi show 3 more deaths in the state attributed to the Wuhan-COVID19-Coronavirus bringing the total number to 29. So far just1358 people have tested positive for the virus, most of those only after having already experienced some experiencing flu-like symptoms. A number of the reported Coronoavirus deaths also include people with underlying conditions who died of pneumonia or other pre-existing conditions but had also tested positive for the disease. Bolivar, Leflore, have reported 1 death attributed to the Coronavirus, both from Long Term Care facilities. Another death in Sunflower County was a woman in her mid 70’s. Currently, 21 people have tested positive for the virus in Leflore County, 26 in Coahoma County, 31 in Washington, and 32 in Boliver. Of the 29 deaths preliminarily associated with COVID-19 so far, 5 have been in the 60-69 age group, 20 in the 70 plus age group, and all but one were living in long term care facilities at the times of their death.


7 Comments on "All but One Mississippi Covid Death from Long Term Care Facilities"

  1. Pneumonia isn’t a pre-existing disease. People with covid19 are developing pneumonia as a result of the illness.

  2. This is hard to understand, for me anyway. No one is allowed into nursing homes so how does this happen?

  3. I am amazed how much people love and thrive on fear; so much so that anyone that points out facts and data that dont play into more drama is the enemy. I dont get it.

  4. The wording in this is confusing. Where was the one death not from LTC facility? Am I misreading it?

  5. This isn’t the most accurate data. I have seen first hand that many of our patients that have died are not residents in any facility.

  6. Why is MS not releasing the names of the long term care facilities, given the times we now find ourselves living in. Other states, OK, MN and GA are releasing that information, only the names of the facilities, not the individuals. MN was quick to reverse their initial decision on 4/2/2020 to not release and on 4/3/2020 announced those facilities names affected would be released to the public. MS should lead the pack in this decision, rather than follow, and release that information immediately. The law provides the patient’s family will be notified, but not other patients family members that are residing in close contact with the patient with a confirmed case. This positive finding not only affects the patient but the others living in this facility. The state should be transparent with the public about this vital information.

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