8 Weekend Pay-the-Perp Qualifying Felonies in Clarksdale

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Between Friday and Sunday Clarksdale police investigated 8 felony incidents. The victim of an aggravated assault in the 800 block of Lynn Street was taken to a Memphis hospital after being shot in the leg, and cash, a cellphone, and car were taken in an armed robbery in the 400 block of Prince Street. Nothing was reported stolen in a residential burglary in the 800 block of Cheyenne Street, but a lawnmower and TV were taken from a home in the 100 block of Madison. Cash, a phone charger, hair cutting equipment, a purse containing credit cards, a jacket and a handgun were among the items reported missing from auto burglaries on Madison, Park Circle, and West Second Street. In June Mayor Chuck Espy announced a GoFundMe to pay “transitional” needs of criminals who might be better off living somewhere other than Clarksdale. As of today, the fund has raised $1,025 in two donations toward Espy’s stated $3 million goal. The first $1,000 was donated by Espy himself. One other anonymous donor has added $25 in the two months since Espy promoted the plan as a way to solve crime problems in Clarksdale.


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  1. I mean really though, what did the people of clarksdale really expect?

  2. Espy is a clown.

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